For those who are planning their District Diaries or just those with an interest in what we are doing, please see below dates of interest.

  • 24th/25th March - Overland Competition
  • ​20th/​
     April - Leader skills 'brush-up' and social day/weekend - Broadstone Warren
  • 23rd June - County Beaver Fun Day - Bushy Wood
  • ​24th June - ​
    Explorer & 
    etwork Monopoly 
    ​- London
  • 6th-8th July Explorers Trip to Gilwell 24
  • ​15th/16th 
    September - Scouts County Camping Competition - Parkwood

We plan to have a few more dates to add as the year starts, but at least you can add these to your plans for 2018.

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