What have you got planned for the 21st and 22nd April 2018?  Well, cancel them as you wont want to miss this event.  For ALL adults involved in Scouting - think you've seen it, done it, got the t-shirt - think again - I promise you'll learn something new, meet new friends, rekindle old ones or just have a great time in lovely surroundings.  When was the last time you got a weekend Scouting where there were no responsibilities and you had the chance to let your hair down and have some fun - oh and at no cost to you for the pleasure?  No I can't remember either. So what are you waiting for - free camping, free accomodation, free activities, drop in learning sessions, free Saturday evening food and free music (sorry the bar definately isn't free!).  Cummon....what are you waiting for?  Book HERE.  What you got to lose?

Please see below the activities and bases that are planned for Tune-Up.
  • Demonstrations - for activities based around Incident Hikes - Mapping/Compass/Navigation/Safety/Equipment/POR
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
  • Scouting Activities - hill walking, climbing, sailing, canoeing, abseiling, rafting, POR Activities, permits, external providers.
  • Base on Network Information, Registration, queries etc.
  • Base on Bushcraft Skills - Different ways to light fires
  • Ray Mears - Sat Morning Fire Lighting Demonstration
  • Base on Paracording (Bracelets, etc) - 'How To'
  • Base on Knotting
  • Information on Leader, Manager, Executive & Supporter Training
  • Bases on module guidance and module verification
  • Information Base on Appointment Committees.
  • Pioneering principles - Lashings and Knots.
  • Base on making and applying false wounds for Scout first aid training
  • Base on using AED
  • Base on practicing CPR using high fidelity manikins
  • Base on Pioneering (Bridges) etc. 
  • Information Base on Queens Scout Award – standards, Registration, links with Gold D of E, Awarding and assessment.
  • Information Base on Youth Commissioners
  • Information Base on Explorers (Young Leader Training, Programmes, Explorer Belts.
  • Information Base on sectional Programme ideas, POR, queries, Safety base
  • International Nights Away Base / Jamborees, Moots, new rules etc.
  • Drone Demonstration and Mini-Drone Team Building activity
Bases being developed 
  • Young Leader Training (For Explorer Leaders)
  • Module 37 – Appointment Committee Training
  • Lightweight hike tent & equipment display
Broadstone Warren
  • Camp site visits, activities & indoor accommodation (take a look to see what is available),
  • Activities to take part in - Zip wire, grass sledging, cube, low ropes, climbing walls, shooting, archery and hopefully more
  • PC Suite – indoors in Lodge – available for drop in to look at on line modules, e-learning and view videos.
  • indoor café in lodge - offering fixed price small menu food all day
  • Possible burger/ hot dog van(s)
  • Information stand on EDSFAT and First Aid

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